Onward Towards New Adventures! (Blog post 1)

First off, here are the photos of our adventure!

During the experience of this scavenger hunt, I was very frantic. I am a new student to De Anza and I do not know where anything is, so I could not contribute much to my team; therefore, my partners had to carry me as dead weight and my timid personality did not help much. Despite being quite nervous throughout this experience, walking around De Anza and exploring the campus was pretty fun (and very tiresome at the same time). My team would quickly pace to the places from the worksheet that they can locate around the campus. If we had to do this scavenger hunt again, then I think doing exactly the same as we did this time would be fine since we have successfully completed this assignment. When we got into our groups, right off the back, two people took the lead and directed the group to the places that they were familiar with from the scavenger hunt sheet. During the expedition, our method was the same: someone would point out on the scavenger hunt sheet that they knew where one of the locations were, and our team dashed to that building. We then quickly took a picture and rushed to our next destination (always keeping an eye out for people with Jamba Juice). During this scavenger hunt, our biggest problem was the order of the destinations that we wanted to go to. From the beginning, we already knew about three of the locations, but we did not know in which order we should execute the expedition so that we can make it back to class by 9:10AM. We resolved this dilemma by starting from the east of the school and made our way to the west, so that we can comb all of the campus in one go. Based on this experience, the Scavenger Hunt reveals that race, gender, wealth, etc. do not matter when it comes to creativity. Yes, the way we are brought up in life alters the way we think and what not, but in the end, our group of strangers (that were pretty diverse) was able to communicate with one another in order to get to our destination quickly and smoothly and rush to the next with seemingly no trouble at all. I believe that the message that this scavenger hunt makes on society is that when judgement looms, we are only creating our own downfall, and that if we want to succeed, then it is best to put all personal grudges and judgments aside in order to complete the assignment successfully. In other words, society has created these types of social tiers and racial barriers so that a person from one area cannot be seen communicating with a person from another area because the “quota’s” of society says that it is absolutely preposterous. Scavenger hunts eliminate the social tier and racial barrier factors because succeeding in a scavenger hunt, you can be the queen of England or a homeless on the streets on San Francisco– it doesn’t matter. What does matter is an individual’s creativity. Their creativity is crucial in solving puzzles for scavenger hunts, aiding them in their search for the designated items. Such as finding a cat or duck at school, I’ve heard that some people went online and took pictures of a duck on the screen. Whoever thought of that ingenious idea allowed for their team to being one step closer in finishing their scavenger hunt. All from a creative idea. The depths of creativity is beyond social tiers and racial barriers simply because any person can be creative. Yes, some more creative than others, some more willing to express their creativity, and even some who are barely even creative at all–like myself.

    • Apryl Berney
    • October 5th, 2011

    very thorough!

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