The end of a world phenomenon? (Blog post 3/Weekly Activity 4)

Growing up, every birthday I’ve had, my birthday wishes were always the same- world peace, or to end world hunger, or to stop war in the world. But on my 18th birthday, my life was changed forever. It all started in my room at 8:30AM. I woke up to the routine sound of my screeching alarm clock. -tap- 8:39Am, and I am once again awaken to my snooze alarm. August 6, just another ordinary birthday, right? So  I get up and maneuver through all of the scratchers and lottery tickets on the ground that I got from 711 at 12AM last night in order to go to the bathroom to get ready for my day. “It sucks”, I thought. Graduation was just 2 and half months ago, but I miss all of my friends so much, and everyone’s so busy getting ready for college that I’ll have to be celebrating my birthday without them this time. “Oh well”, I thought. “At least I’ll be getting a lot of birthday wishes on facebook,” I laughed to myself. I finished my morning routine and made my way to my grandpa’s house for my annual birthday barbecue.

Same old party as every year. I greet my family members by bowing to them and rush to see what food was prepared for this year’s party. “Fried rice, shrimp balls, eggrolls, and Korean barbecue. Nothing to go crazy over but it’s better than what I usually eat,” I thought to myself. I ate until my stomach felt like it was going to explode. After about 30 minutes of sitting and digesting, I run into the jump house. Eighteen years old and I still have a jump house? “Oh well, you can never be too old,” I convinced myself. So I jumped with my cousins for hours- ostensibly too long because the sky outside was now a shade of a dusky dark blue. I gesture at my cousins at the dark sky, and we make our way back into the house. “Who wants ice cream cake?” my mom asked my cousins and I as we walked back into the house from wrestling and doing back flips inside of the jump house. “Both a jumper and an ice cream cake?” I thought to myself. I’ve never been one to hold onto my youth. Always work and no play, but I guess today was a good enlightenment.

I sit down in the middle of the table that was surrounded by faces that were too many to count as my grandma carefully walks into the dark room with eighteen lit candles on top of it. All I can see are the dimly illuminated faces of all my family members with glistening eyes staring at the candles that looked to have had what seemed like an eternal blaze to their flame. As the cake is slowly  descended onto the table in front of me, I envision a new possible wish I can make for this years birthday. It is my 18th, afterall. I come up with nothing, but I have little time left before my younger cousins would try to blow out my candles for me, so I quickly make my wish. “I wish that I can end world hunger.” -huff- And all the candles were out. My family starts to applause for there is now another member in the family that is officially an adult. Soon after, I leave to go home. I’ve had a long night.

August 7th, I wake up yet again to the sound of my alarm. No snooze this time, I’m too hungry to sleep. “I really want a breakfast burrito,” I thought to myself, and then I heard a ‘poof’ sound. BAM! On my lap was a freshly made breakfast burrito with two packets of hot sauce right next to it. “This is exactly the image that I just thought up in my mind!” I said anxiously. I look around the room to see if anyone was there, but all I can see is an empty room that is being lit from the sun outside the blinds of my window and a breakfast burrito that is sitting on my lap with two hot sauce packets, just waiting to be eaten. “This is impossible”, I thought. “What’s going on? Where did this come from?” I didn’t know where this burrito came from, but I did know that I wasn’t going to eat it. I mean, who eats food that just comes out of thin air? I wondered where it came from some more, and thought to myself, “What if I was the one who made it appear?” I wanted to test my theory, so I think up foods that I’ve been craving for the past week. “Green tea frozen yogurt, chicken pot pie, barbecue flavored chips,” and I heard three ‘poof’ sounds. I opened my eyes to see green tea frozen yogurt, a chicken pot pie, and some barbecue flavored chips on my lap next to the burrito that was still screaming to me to be eaten.

After eating my free and quickly prepared breakfast, I made my way to the news station with a shirt that says “Just eat it.” I felt like this shirt was the most appropriate thing to wear for this situation. So I walk in, and tell them that I had something I wanted to show them. The receptionist had a nervous facial expression as she asked me what I wanted to show her. I asked her what her to close her eyes and to tell me what he favorite food was. “Macaroni and cheese,” she stated. ‘poof’ As she opened her eyes, she saw a dish of the food that she’s been longing to eat since her shift at the news station had started. Surprised, she said “Where did you get this?” So I repeated my ability- but this time with her eyes open- and she was stunned. She quickly called in an executive of the news station and I showed him my powers. I made an agreement with him. I would give him this story, if he made it possibly that everyone in the world can access my power. I wanted to help starving people everywhere. I mean, what else would I do with this gift, right? He agreed, and almost instantaneously after being featured on his news channel, government agents swarmed the news station, and I was taken into custody.

I was put into a room for examination, and nothing was wrong with me. I tell them the story of what happened that morning, and all their faces were in disbelief. “I was born to save the world from hunger,” I told them.

Years later, I find myself making trips to Asia, Africa, Latin America- everywhere- spreading my powers to the hungry. I have made an unlimited supply of food for the world. I have ended world hunger.

    • Apryl Berney
    • October 20th, 2011


    • Apryl Berney
    • November 3rd, 2011

    Passed on 2nd major post.

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