Angry Asian Man (Major post 2)

In the Angry Asian Man’s blog, he reveals both the good and the bad appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture, pointing out any racism he finds onto his site. The ‘Angry Asian Man’ is a persona that is responding to racial stereotypes and racist speculations towards the Asian race by shunning those ‘popular beliefs’ and replacing them with rationally witty comments that equalize the Asian race with other cultures. The general purpose of this blog is to inform readers of the social struggle that Asian people must endure, such as hyper-bullying (compared to other races) and old, inaccurate stereotypes made on Asian diets and abilities. This blog also includes recent news on achievements and catastrophes that involve Asian people- adding in a few funny stories and videos for comic relief.

We all know that Asian people eat rice, but is that the only way to differentiate Asians from other races? In the Angry Asian Man’s post called All the Chinese Kids are Wearing One, he points out that on BBC’s website, (in the section for children’s primary languages where they can select the language of their choice) there is a picture of a Chinese person wearing a bowl of rice as a hat (whereas the French and Spanish characters are wearing hats that are ‘typical’ to their culture).  The Angry Asian Man commented, “I suppose they could have the obvious route and given the kid a stylish Conical Asian Hat. But they avoided that by somehow going with something even more ridiculous”. A bad move on BBC’s behalf, by trying to avoid a fashion choice that may come out as offensive, they choose a route that leads to even more resentment towards their judgment. The Angry Asian Man later adds an update to his post and reveals that BBC has changed the photo of the Asian person with a bowl of rice on their head into a photo of the same character with the bowl of rice in their hands instead. In addition to the updated photo, the Angry Asian Man makes a sarcastic remark on the change of position of the bowl of rice, saying  “How in the world would visitors to the site know that he’s Chinese? Because all Chinese people carry around bowls of rice, but only the most skilled ones carry them around on their heads.”

Not only is it apparent that Asians mainly eat only rice, but Asian people also eat a lot of dog! Another post from the Angry Asian Man, called Oops. Turns Out It Was Just Duck Meat, Not Dog Meat , he describes a situation where news journalists investigate a restaurant in a Chinatown in Minnesota because of reports of the restaurant using dog meat. Unable to find any evidence of the restaurant using dog meat, the news crew calls the restaurant and straightforwardly asks if they use dog meat in their food, and an employee from the restaurant replies with what the news crew heard to be “Yes, we sell dog.” However, what the restaurant employee really said is that they sell duck.

These two blog posts that the Angry Asian Man has posted reveals the racism and stereotypes that exist in our society and our media. The Angry Asian Man successfully emphasizes the ignorance that subsists inside the back of our minds when we think of certain cultures or races- especially in a generation that seeks equality; he reveals that even in such modern times, equality is a long distance away from us.

    • Apryl Berney
    • November 13th, 2011


    • Apryl Berney
    • November 13th, 2011

    Passed on internet and fashion questions.

    • Apryl Berney
    • November 21st, 2011

    Passed on MP #4.

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