Communication is Key

Writing a letter is not a foreign activity for me. Due to the fact that I am nearly nocturnal, it would be normal for my friends to be asleep, disabling me from text messaging or instant messaging them. So what better way to update them than with a letter? I decided to write to my cousin, who is also my best friend. We went to different Elementary and Intermediate schools, but we have both attended the same high school- Oak Grove High School. Now that we’re off to college, life feels so different without her in my life- incomplete, almost. I mean, we do talk with each other every now and then, but how much chit-chat can we really fit into our busy college schedules, right? Mailing this letter felt a little weird for me, because when I write letters, I normally wait until I see that person another time to give them the letter. I think that I usually do this because I’m giving myself a type of reassurance that good-bye isn’t really good-bye. That no matter what happens, we will always have another moment together. It doesn’t matter if it would be next month, next week, or next year. I just needed to know that the future will always hold more reunions for me and my best friend. Actually putting the stamp on my letter was a new experience for me during this activity. It reminds me of the feeling we would have when we want to send a controversial text message to someone, but debate with ourselves for the longest time until we finally build up the courage to press the ‘send’ button; we wouldn’t be sure whether we would regret sending that message or if it was ‘for the better’, but the only certain thing is that there was no turning back. Finals are just about over for UCSD, so she will be home soon for me to personally update her with my life myself. Either way, sending that letter was a big relief. It made me feel as if she was listening to me even though she wasn’t physically next to me. It made me feel a bit less lonely. It made me feel like wanting to write a letter every time I needed someone to talk to, because it allows me to pour out my feelings without showing anyone my scrunched up crying face, or my awkward giggles from reminiscent memories. In a generation where technology reigns supreme, I hope that the art of writing letters does not die out.

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